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ALLNEWMEDIA.net is a LIVE Internet talk radio station based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  ALLNEWMEDIA is on the forefront of internet radio. The station started like all great ideas, By doing something that other people were either unwilling to do or didn’t know how to do.

The great thing about ALLNEWMEDIA.net, is that it has a myriad of shows that cover many different topics that you can listen live to. ALLNEWMEDIA doesn’t pigeon hole itself into one demographic. You might hear a sports show one hour, an interview show the next, or even a show that just talks about the things that bother the host. It’s a wonderful eclectic mix of all the people that make our community great.

The station has opportunities for new and existing radio show hosts. You might be asking yourself, should “I” have my own radio show? Well, of course you should. ALLNEWMEDIA believes that ANYONE and EVERYONE has a message that needs to be heard. It doesn’t matter if you provide a service, sell a product, or just want the world to hear what’s on your mind, ALLNEWMEDIA.net is the platform for you. Just imagine your own radio show, broadcast via video and audio over the internet, on a daily or weekly basis. The possibilities truly are endless, because it is YOUR show to do with what YOU want and to say what you want.

How are you able to say anything you want on a radio show? ALLNEWMEDIA.net is known as brokered programming. Brokered programming (also known as time-buy & blocktime) is a form of broadcast content in which the show’s producer (show host) pays a radio or television station for air time, rather than exchanging programming for pay or the opportunity to play spot commercials. Think of your show as an infomercial. You get to say whatever you want, directly to your audience, without a middleman censoring your thoughts and ideas.

If you’re interested in having people listen live to your own radio show on ALLNEWMEDIA.net, give us a call at 702-609-7626 or email us at anmdigital@gmail.com for more information.