Notice something… different? You’re right! The AllTalkRadio website looks completely different than it did the last time you looked at it. We can hardly contain how excited we are about the new changes coming to the site. We’re sure you will be too. – Scroll Down to Read More Studios Studios

Coming soon you’ll find a completely new way to not only navigate the website, but to find and interact with your favorite show hosts. We can’t divulge all the cool new features coming, because… where would the fun in that be. Just know, like with all the stuff has been doing over the past 12 years, that it will be AWESOME.

With that said, please pardon our dust while the new website continues rolling out. In the meantime, you can listen AND watch our show hosts LIVE via the widget to the upper right. If it says LIVE in the corner, that means there is a show on right now. All you have to do to watch is click the play button. If it doesn’t say LIVE in the corner, don’t worry, a new show should be going live soon. To see the video larger, simply click on the arrows above the word LIVE or Off Air.

We also encourage you to SHARE our shows with your friends. This is easy to do. Right next to the arrows, you’ll see the word SHARE. By scrolling your mouse over the word, a list will appear to share it on Facebook (F), Twitter (the bird), the link symbol copies the link address, and the greater/less than signs allow you to copy the embed code so you can put our widget right on your own website. Pretty cool huh!

Now, if you TOO want to host your own LIVE radio show, we would love to have you as a part of the family. We encourage you to watch the short video below, then give us a call at the number located in the upper right hand corner of the website.

You might be asking, should “I” have my own radio show? Well, of course you should. We believe that ANYONE and EVERYONE has a message that needs to be heard. It doesn’t matter if you provide a service, sell a product, or just want the world to hear what’s on your mind, is the platform for you. Just imagine your own radio show, broadcast via video and audio over the internet, on a daily or weekly basis. The possibilities truly are endless, because it is YOUR show to do with what YOU want and to say what you want.

Freedom of Speech is Alive and Well at

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy our awesome show hosts. We look forward to hearing from you.